Because the main goal is to have fun with us but indeed, there are some rules to respect in order to enjoy the moment!

Here are the rules to respect for your security. However, the following list is not exhaustive and can be modified at any time by the team. The non-compliance will unfortunately result in your exclusion from our establishment without refund of entrance fees…

  • Each participant must wear special non slipping socks for sale at the price of 2 euros in the park, these socks are mandatory for safety and hygiene. However, you can bring your own socks, but every participant must wear special non slipping socks
  • Wearing jewellery watches, glasses, belts, zipper, cap, phone, cameras, keys and other accessories is prohibited. Please empty your pockets of your coins or any other content
  • Wearing appropriate clothing is heavily recommended (avoid a clothing that you could lose, such loose pants under the waist…) and no shirtless
  • There a MANDATORY warming up session to do before the beginning in order to avoid injuries (specific moves are shown at the entrance)
  • One jumper per trampoline
  • Stuff that are prohibited inside the jump park: food, drinks, sweets, chewing gum, cookies…
  • Forbidden to jump on the protections surrounding the trampolines
  • Respect other participants, be careful regarding the little ones, watch the areas where you will jump, please be careful not to jump in the same space as another participant
  • It is forbidden to throw balloons at the face of other participants
  • Please don’t rest on playing spaces such as trampolines in order to avoid collisions
  • It is prohibited t practice the activity under the influence of alcohol or any other narcotics
  • Respect the material, do not hang yourself on basketball hoop
  • Jump and fall on your 2 feet, it is important for your ankles
  • Trampolines are forbidden to pregnant women
  • Respect the atmosphere, don’t forget that you are not alone, you or your group, prioritize security, do not push or hit other participants and finally, it is forbidden to climb on the shoulders of your partners
  • Forbidden to grab on the walls not meant to be climbed
  • Double “salto” are prohibited except on the “pro” trampoline
  • Our trampoline “pro” requires to be fit and experienced, this kind of trampoline are being more “difficult” to handle
  • All acrobatics jump are dangerous, please be aware of that and on the fact that you perform them at your own risk
  • Do not jump with your head first
  • Above all, this is a sport so do not hesitate to take breaks and hydrate yourself regularly
  • Your clothing, shoes and accessories can be stored in the lockers at your disposal. Please keep your personal belongings in the lockers made for that.

    * La réservation est OBLIGATOIRE.La capacité d’accueil de la structure étant limitée, venir sans réservation vous expose à un refus d’accès pendant l’heure souhaitée.

    * Veuillez vous présenter 15 min à l’avance avant chaque session svp.

    * Veuillez vous munir de chaussettes antidérapantes, si non, nous les vendons à la cafétéria du #Maxi-Jump.

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    * Booking is MANDATORY. Due to limited capacity, coming without a reservation can result in a refusal of access.

    * Please be present 15 minutes before the beginning of your session.

    * Please bring non-slipping socks, but if you don't have ones yet you can buy some at #Maxi-Jump.

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